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Every septic tank cleaned  by Sani-Way is guarantied to be pressure washed and the operator makes sure no residue is left in the tank.


Do not hesitate to ask questions to our operator, he's a specialist in the matter.


What you should know about septic tanks.


When installing:


  • The septic tank can be located at 10 ft from the house but the drain field must be at 75 ft from an artesian well and 100 ft from a lake or streams.
  • The drain field must have a minimum of 12 inches and a maximum of 34 inches of soil above it for water to evaporate easy with the sun.
  • It is better to use biodegradable paper.
  • A septic tank must be cleaned every 2 years.
  • Running over the system with a car could damaged your pipes and your tank.
  • Never go down into an empty tank, because the gas exhaler could cause death


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